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“Top Marketing Mistakes Agents Make Going After Short Sales”

Avoid Some Of These Top Mistakes To Start Taking 10+ Listings Monthly

Dear Real Estate Agent,

Going after short sales can be a great source for listings monthly. When you have the right approach you can get eager sellers calling you daily to list their home. Tragically as many agents start short sale marketing they run into countless mistakes which can lead you to quit your marketing before it has a chance to work.

As we have tested marketing throughout all of the country and helped thousand's of agents achieve success with short sales we thought it best to share some of our top tips to avoid when reach sellers who are in desparate need of your help:

  1. No marketing message – A marketing message gives a seller prospect a clear and concise reason to pick up the phone and call you for help.  Short sale home owners are in a totally different place than most people and as a result they need a marketing message that speaks to them.  Most agents start targeting sellers with no thought of “why” a homeowner should call them.  If you think someone should call you because you are “honest” and “helpful” then you won’t be getting any calls.

  2. Not mailing enough – Sending 100 pieces of mail and then complaining that you didn’t get any calls won’t get you to the level of taking 10 or 20 listings monthly.  To take enough short sale listings it is imperative to mail consistently and to enough people so you can see if your mailings are working.  Consider sending a minimum of 500 pieces and have a plan that spans at least 6-12 different mail pieces for those 500 people.  That will give you an idea of if your marketing is working.

  3. Not sending a variety of mailings – Each market is different and sellers in your area may be more responsive to postcards or letters, but you won’t know until you test.  Finding out what your market will respond to requires sending both powerful postcards and letters.  Track when you send each mail piece to find out where you can get the biggest results. 

  4. Not having a dedicated website – Many agents send powerful direct mail and even have great pay per click campaigns with traffic being sent to a generic real estate site.  This results in lack luster results and most agents scratching their heads to find out what is going wrong.  Consider having a focused website that speaks to the challenges of a short sale prospect.

  5. Lack of follow up – Calling or emailing a prospect one time won’t cut it.  Follow up should be consistent and automatic to ensure that you give prospects the best opportunity to reach you.  For example a simple email follow up should last a minimum of 45 days to get the most from your marketing.

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To your success in real estate,

Todd Bates, Real Estate Marketing Coach

Todd Bates

Real Estate Marketing Coach

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