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“Don't Waste Another Minute With A Buyer Who Is Just "Kicking The Tires"...Find Out In Less Than 3 Minutes Who Can Make A Purchase Today”

Ask The Right Questions And Work With Only The Most Serious Of Buyers


Dear Real Estate Agent,

Have you ever rushed to meet a buyer at a property because they called on one of your ads? They told you on the phone that they saw your ad and knew that the home was right for them.

Your entire day was booked with appointments, paperwork for your escrows; however, those new buyers were so nice on the phone you moved everything else you had scheduled, to meet these new buyers. After quickly packing up your paperwork and computer you get in your car ready to make the drive to your listing. You really hope they will be on time because there is still so much work you have to do today.

After driving across town and opening up the house so it shows just perfectly...you wait. It's a hot day so you start to sweat in the mid-day heat. With a happy smile ready to greet these new buyers you wait. It would be great to sell this property as it hasn't seen hardly any activity in the 4 months that you have had the listing.

After 15 minutes past the hour they still are a no show. Maybe they had trouble finding the house? You call them on the number they gave you but it just goes to voice mail. That's ok though because they were really interested so they are probably just running behind.

After 30 minutes past the hour, it seems like it's even hotter. It's hard to keep that smile that you originally had as it seems more and more likely that they won't be showing up to meet you. How could they do this? They said they wanted to see the property...why didn't they make the effort to come and see this house? You dropped everything else in your day to show them the home and they don't even have the decency to show up.

Have you ever wasted time on a buyer who was like this? They waste your valueable time by not showing up to a property! Maybe you took the time to show a buyer 20,30, or even 50 properties and they still didn't make a purchase!

Discover The Serious Buyers With A Quick 3 Minute Script

Instead of rushing out to meet any buyer who states they are interested in one of your listings, take the time to ask them the right questions and find out if they are worthy of your time. Sadly, 85% of people who call on your ads are a total waste of time. When you don't ask the questions you are destined to spend your time with the 85% of people who will only waste your time instead of that top 15% who are ready to take action today.

In my serious buyer script you will be able to determine in less than 3 minutes who is worthy of your time and who is ready to take action. You will quickly discover "dirty little secrets" like:

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To your success in real estate,

Joey and James Bridges

Todd Bates

National Speaker, Author, and Marketing Coach

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