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"I Took 7 Listings In
My First Month!"

"Your program has worked exactly as you said it would. After implementing my first marketing campaign, I took seven listings in my first month. These results are not due to my being in an extraordinary market, or to my being an extraordinary agent. I simply did what you told me to do. That's it. I have you to thank for these results, you to thank for making real estate fun again, and you to thank for giving me back control of my time. -- Cort H.

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“With The Right Quantity Of Ads On Craigslist Your Phone Will Ring Off The Hook With Eager, Willing, And Able Buyers”

Supercharge your real estate marketing with Craigslist and get 20+ calls daily

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Many people search Craigslist daily. It is searched to find everything from a refrigerator to a new home.

With the volume of ads being posted daily it may seem challenging, sometimes just overwhelming to imagine how your ad could stand out in the thousands of ads posted in your area.

Before I share with you the marketing techniques that will have eager, willing, and able buyers calling on your ads, I want you to first consider what your competition is doing on Craigslist.

For most agents when they think of real estate marketing on Craigslist their schedule goes something like the following:

  1. Get excited about posting ads to Craigslist

  2. Post 1 ad on Craigslist

  3. Wait for phone calls

  4. Day 2 - repeat steps 2 and 3

  5. Day 3 - It looks like Craigslist "doesn't work"

Far too many real estate professionals dive into Craigslist and expect that placing 1-2 ads a day is going to have

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Todd Bates
Shares the techinques to get your real estate
marketing on Craigslist generating leads

them flooded with calls. They put all of their time into rich ads or use postlets, and then wait for their phone to ring.

After an extremely short period of time, these agents just give up and shout all over the office that "Craigslist doesn't work". It certainly won't work for your marketing efforts with the above schedule in place.

In order to generate a serious number of phone calls using Craigslist (I am talking about 20, 25, and even 30+ daily) it is necessary to post much more than 1 ad a day. When you want enough phone calls to send your cell phone "buzzing" off your desk, then consider posting 18+ ads a day.

With 18+ ads a day your ads will consistently be displayed no matter what other agents post, you will literally dominate the inventory in any city, and buyers will see that you provide the best information possible.

Now, knowing that posting upwards of 18 ads a day will bring you a flurry of leads, what do most real estate agents say?

The real question to ask is:

"Do you have enough time to answer all of those phone calls AND close more business?"

Once you get a set of ads working you can consistently run those ads in Craigslist and you can even outsource the work of posting the ads! After outsourcing the ad posting, you only have to answer the phone and book appointments.

Craigslist can be a powerful real estate marketing system when used correctly. Since it is FREE to post ads you can keep your marketing well within our 7% rule and have a flurry of business.

We'd Like to Show You How to Dominate Craigslist And Add At Least 2 MoreCraigslist Marketing Mastery Call Closings Every Month

Certainly when you discover the way the methods that we will share you will never look at Craigslist the same again. We don't want you to waste a single minute placing ads that don't get calls.

Join us on our call that will share with you the systems, methods, and schedule to have your phone ringing daily with hot real estate buyer leads from Craigslist.

To Your Success,

Todd Bates, Real Estate Marketing Coach

Todd Bates

Real Estate Marketing Coach

P.S. Only discover more on the FREE call when you are prepared to have 18-24+ new prospects contact you daily, asking, nearly begging for your help.