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Discover Proven Listing Letters To Add 4+ Listings In The Next 30 days

Would you consider sending a few postcards and letters if you knew that you would having highly motivated, willing, & able sellers calling & e-mailing you?

In the Listing Letter System you will discover receive:

  • Powerful, proven, & tested listing letters you can immediately customize with your information.

  • How to have a powerful offer that will attract the attention of the motivated sellers in your market place!

  • Worksheets & forms to turn leads into listing appointments with ease!.

Hear what others have to say:

Jason Secor"The listing letters have turned getting listings nto a simple math equation of mailing letters and answering the phone and e-mail for more listing appointments

Jason Secor,
Birmingham, AL

Oriana"I have been in the real estate business for years and the one part of real estate that I truely enjoyed was listings. My issue was I just wanted more listings.

The number of programs I had tried is really amazing. The one thing that I can count on when I use letters, postcards, and information from Todd is that it is going to produce results for me.

This year I increased my business while the market was "down" and many real estate agents in my office spent more time complaing than working.

When I want more business I pick a different area to mail this information out and respond to leads from my website or phone number.

Frank In Florida

Demitre Simpson"Being new in real estate my goal was to work with buyers yet I found a passion in working with sellers.

I thought if I had more sellers I could also find more buyers.

In southern california it seems like everyone is either an actor or a real estate agent so there is lots of competition.

These letters and postcards made me stand out from the competition and sellers call me because I don't sound like everyone else.

These are great and I will continue to use them every month.

Demitre Simpson, Southern, CA

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“Listing Letters That Compel Sellers To Call, E-mail, & Visit Your Website & Will Add 4+ Listings To Your Inventory In The Next 30 Days”

Unlock The Power Of 80 Powerful Letter & Postcard Ad Templates That Have Generated 1,000's Of Listings For My Clients

Dear Real Estate Agent,

When the economy gets tight every marketing dollar becomes that much more important.

Every single penny you spend needs to generate 7-10 pennies back your way so that you can keep your real estate machine moving forward in the right direction.

This coming year is the time to gain market share, add listings, and close more business in the past. You can do this by targeting those sellers who absolutely have to sell.

Would you consider sending out letters to sellers if you knew that you were guaranteed to get a listing every time?

Listing Letters
Listing Letters Uncover Sellers Who Absolutely Have
To Sell Now And Empowers Them To Call You Today!

Sellers are still my favorite part of the real estate business.

The most cost effective way to reach sellers is still via the old fashioned mail via letters and postcards.

In the Internet this may seem like a strange way to reach sellers yet allow me to reveal why this strategy has proven extremely successful for my top clients this year and will for those who are willing to send letters and postcards in the following year.

I would like you to consider mailing to sellers to produce listings on a monthly basis in the following year. Even if have tried mailing in the past what you will discover is that mailing to generate listing leads will produce a consistent and steady stream of new listings.

Why does mailing work?

There is one place that regardless of conditions 6 days a week everyone across the United States will check and that is the mail box.

Despite how crazy it might seem there are people who don't check their e-mail every day and there is always that chance that an e-mail will get caught in the "junk mail" folder.

There are several "critical points" that each letter or postcard must contain in order to compel the prospect to take action on the letter or postcard by calling, e-mailing, or visiting your website for more information.

In the Listing Letter System I will reveal to you 25 Powerful Letter Templates & 55 Powerful Postcards to start using immediately to generate listings in your market place.

You will discover "dirty little secrets" like...:

How would you like start the coming year with a listing inventory full of sellers who absolutely have to sell?

Would it change your real estate business for the coming year if you knew that you were going to close 12 sales in the first 90 days?

How much for these powerful letters and postcards? How about $97.00 for a complete set of postcards and letters?

These 80 Powerful Letter & Postcard Templates generated 1,000's of listing leads for my clients I know they will generate leads for you to turn into real business.

What's Included?
6 Powerful Expired Letters
10 Powerful Expired Postcards
6 Powerful FSBO Letters
10 Powerful FSBO Postcards
10 Powerful Farming Postcards
8 Proven Short Sale Letters
10 Just Listed\ Just Sold Postcards
10 Postcards To Find New Buyers Who need Loans Now
5 "List Your Home Now" Farming Letters
5 Investing Postcards To Find Real Investors
Hard system case to keep your system easy to access.


How to Outsource Your Real Estate Business (instant download over 30 minutes)
How to Outsource Real Estate Guide (instant download)
Top Marketing Messages (instant download to use in all your marketing)
Prospective Seller Application (turn a lead to a listing with this instant download application)
Menu of commissions (instant download) increase your conversions by 87%
Sample of Daily Success Calls CD (over 70 minutes)
10 Step Listing Appointment Call (instant download)
30 minute 1 on 1 coaching coupon ($199 value)
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Listing Letter System

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Your success is Guaranteed with any product you invest in from the Real Estate Success Program. Your success is100% Money Back Guarantee extremely important to us. We have invested hundreds of hours and dollars in system research, implementation and marketing strategies to ensure your success.

We have so much faith in our program that we guarantee you 100% satisfaction on your investment... or we will give your money back.

There is simply no risk to you. If you do not agree that the product is a fit for you and your business, we will issue you a 100% refund. No questions asked. No hassles. Nothing but our heartfelt "thank you":

Any time in the first 30 days you decide that this system is simply not for you, simply ship the product back to us and we will immediately refund your purchase.

To your success in real estate,

Todd Bates, Real Estate Marketing Coach

Todd Bates

Real Estate Marketing Coach

P.S. Still skeptical? This system has been proven to work by thousands of real estate agents monthly and will generate 100's of highly motivated leads for you by putting the letters and postcards to work for you!.