Stop Guessing in Your Real Estate Business & Start Succeeding

What is the number #1 thing preventing you from success in your real estate business?

Is it:

  • The number of calls you get every month
  • The number appointments you aren't getting
  • YOU!

The Real Estate Success Program will teach you how to get people calling you and how to:

  • Sign Listing Contracts for 6% or more every time
  • How to get more referrals with little to no effort
  • How to get a FSBO to beg you to take your listing

Don't take our word for it listen to what our customers say:

"I Took 7 Listings In
My First Month!"

"Your program has worked exactly as you said it would. After implementing my first marketing campaign, I took seven listings in my first month. These results are not due to my being in an extraordinary market, or to my being an extraordinary agent. I simply did what you told me to do. That's it. I have you to thank for these results, you to thank for making real estate fun again, and you to thank for giving me back control of my time. -- Cort H.

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“How 1 Simple Feature Will Have Google Telling You If You Have What It Takes To Write Good Ads”

1 Simple Aspect of Google Adwords That 90%+ People Miss That Costs Them Thousands

Joey Bridges
Joey Bridges Shares his techniques,
for getting leads from your Google
Adwords advertising

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Have you ever placed a classified in a newspaper? Maybe you have placed an ad in a magazine?

When you place an ad in a magazine or in a classifed how do you know if you created a good ad?

The main method of determining when you have a good ad is the number of calls that you get from that ad. The challenge is that each time you place an ad you are testing with your hard earned money!

Testing a classified ad can cost anywhere from $30-$70+ and you might not get a single phone call! Worse yet, when you are testing a Magazine ad you might spend $250-$500+ to see if your ad performs. Should your ad not peform you have unfortunately wasted time and $100's of dollars.

In order to find out if you can get results from your ad, you are now stuck re-writing your ad, waint for the paper to print your ad, and spending $100's more of your hard earned money.

This process takes an incredible amout of time and can prove costly. When you advertise using Google Adwords (often referred to as Google Pay Per Click) you can test faster and Google will tell you which ad is better! Google Adwords is an essential element to having a powerful real estate internet marketing strategy.

You don't have to wait for the newspaper to come out with it's new edition and you don't have to spend $70 or even $500 before you re-write your ad!

Run 2 Ads in Google Adwords

Run 2 Ads All The Time To And Let
Google Tell You Which Is Best

With Google Adwords, you can use a feature called Split Testing which will allow Google to test for you and find out which ad is best. Testing ads involves the following simple steps:

  1. Write An Ad

  2. Write a 2nd Ad

  3. Let Google Tell you which ad performs the best

That's really it! Most people who place ads on Google Adwords just never run two ads at the same time. Running two ads per Ad group will quickly allow you to find out which ad will bring visitors rushing to your site eager to give you their information.

When you want to discover more on how to use Google Adwords as part of your real estate internet marketing strategy, simply take less than 30 seconds and get our Free Intnernet Marketing Ebook below.

Testing two ads all of the time will allow you to save money and find the best ads for your market. I can't wait to see what your best ad looks like.

To your Success,

Joey Bridges

Joey Bridges

National Speaker, Author, and Marketing Coach