Stop Guessing in Your Real Estate Business & Start Succeeding

What is the number #1 thing preventing you from success in your real estate business?

Is it:

  • The number of calls you get every month
  • The number appointments you aren't getting
  • Your Fears!

In this power packed Fear Management CD you will quickly discover how to identify your fears and how to get to the next level.

Don't take our word for it listen to what our customers say:

"4 Steps To The Next Level? I only needed 1!!"

"I invested in your Fear Management CD because I really wanted to discover more about the 4 big steps to get to the next level. When you revealed about self limiting beliefs I knew right away that had been holding me back.

One month after listening to your CD, I took 6 listings which was twice as many as I had ever taken before. Thanks Todd"-- Courtney Haas, Knoxville, TN.

"18 Minutes Into The CD is What Helped Me The Most"

"I have to admit I was a little skeptical. I was listening to your CD in my car, and just past the 18 minute mark is where it hit me. When you spoke about failure I knew that had held me back. I have now written on my board and I know I will be hitting my goals." -- Robert Maganelli, Orlando, FL.

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“Unlock the Secrets To Overcoming Your Biggest Fears And Close More Business This Month”

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Simple, Powerful and Effective Fear Management Techniques To Close More Business Monthly

Dear Real Estate Agent,

Setting goals is easy. Reaching goals is the tough part! Have you ever set a goal and then fallen short of it?

It's not your fault! Most people suffer from fears and that prevents them from reaching their full potential. When you understand the most common fears then you can take the steps to mastering them and not just reach your goals but blaze right through them.

In the real estate industry we have found that there are three core fears that when not addressed WILL absolutely prevent you from having the success that you have envisioned.

You may suffer from some of these fears and not even be aware of it. I invite you to consider the following 3 big fears:

At the surface these fears may seem simple, may even seem simple to overcome. After all when I ask most agents, "How Do You Overcome the Fear of Rejection?", they simply tell me:

"You just get rejected alot and you get used to it."

Sadly, this is tragically wrong! No one wants to get rejected over and over again until you get "used to it". With that mindset you won't be able to achieve the goals that you DESERVE to reach.

Understandating your fears is only part of the battle. Even when you can admit your fears there are still 4 big steps to getting you to the next level. When you understand each of the four steps that I will reveal you will not just manage your fear you will be able to have the success and experience that you have dreamed of.

I have developed a 27 minute and 34 second CD where I reveal how to overcome your biggest fears in real estate to help you unlock your greatest potential. In this power packed CD I will reveal "dirty little secrets" of fear management like:

Fear Management CDThis action packed Fear Management CD was previously only released to members involved in my exclusive 1 on 1 program and now I am giving you the opportunity to have it delivered directly to you.

Fear Management CD

Fear CDFear Management CD ($14.95) - This power packed fear management CD is filled with methods and techniques to help you get to the next level.

Take action today with one of my best selling CD's to my private 1 on 1 clients today.


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To your success,

Todd Bates, Real Estate Marketing Coach

Todd Bates

National Speaker, Author and Marketing Coach

P.S. Still skeptical? When you don't click the "Add to Cart" button to invest in this CD, it is just a Fear holding you back. I invite you to overcome your first fear today and invest just $14.95 in your success.