Discover Proven Email Templates To Get Buyer And Seller Prospects Begging You For Help

Would you consider sending emails if you knew it would result in 4+ sales monthly?

In the Email Follow Up System you will discover:

  • Powerful, proven, & tested emails that you can simply copy & paste and click "send".

  • How to stop being "helpful" on your emails and convert someone over email into an appointment.

  • Powerful subject lines and questions to use in any email you might want to write on your own.

Hear what others have to say:

Jason Secor"The emails were incredibly easy to use. They were short, easy to copy and I sent them to any prospect I had. On one email that said I wouldn't be sending them "listings" anymore I have had 6 people in 1 week beg me to continue to help them. Thanks guys!"  

Jason, Alabama

“Joey and Jamey, Just wanted to share with you my experience using your email follow up system. As a new agent I only was generating a few prospects each week through my website. Trying to learn about contracts and everything else meant I would miss following up on clients. I used your email that offered a "buyer needs" analysis and I got 3 buyers appointments in 2 weeks! ”

Tommy M, Gardena, California

"Brandi CushingI just wanted to thank you again for your invaluable email follow up system. I had been using your systems to generate leads online and wanted to get more out of my leads.

I was so tired of coming up with emails to write these prospects that I usually ended up writing nothing at all!

Your email templates made it easy. Even though there are 55 different templates I use the same 8 nearly every time as they always get a response. Now every week I have prospects emailing me that want to narrow their requirements or come in for a buyer appointment. Thanks guys.

Brandi Cushing,
Los Angeles, CA

"I had been getting so Demitre Simpsonmany leads from website but just wasn't getting enough appointments.

I really didn't like typing email after email so I was letting the leads just go to waste. After getting your system, I was able to email alot of the prospects I hadn't heard from and they wrote back!

My favorite emails are the ones that ask questions because they write back almost right away and it gets a great dialogue going that has helped me double the appointments I was getting every week. Thanks guys."

Demitre Simpson,
Inglewood, CA
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“Discover A Complete E-mail Follow Up System That Will Compel Prospects To Beg You For Help”

Find Out How You Can Take Advantage of 55 Proven Emails That Will Get Buyer And Seller Prospects To Call And Email You For Help

Dear Real Estate Agent,

Writing emails can be quite the task! Especially when you take the time to write emails to your prospects. Whether you generate leads from magazine ads, open houses, or even your website, it is often that you have probably used email to get people to get off the fence and speak with you!

The challenge is that writing emails can take a significant amount of time and you are already don't have any time!

For example have you ever taken the time to carefully craft an email to someone you have met at an open house. You reviewed your notes, mentioned something they had stated, shared with them market information, double checked everything you wrote and then clicked "Send" with some excitement.

After a day with no response, you probably started to wonder if they even received it.

After 2 days you figured that they might just be busy.

After 5 days you dismissed that person as not even a "valid prospect" and figured you would NEVER email them again as they are just a waste of time!

The reality is that you don't have to personally craft emails, share market data, or even mention something personal to get prospects to contact you for help with their real estate needs!

Get your email inbox full <br/>with eager clients
Get Prospects Responding To Your Emails Daily

In order for your emails to get prospects off the fence and calling you for their real estate needs we invite you to consider that email should meet the following guidelines:

  1. Powerful subjects - Email subjects should be engaging and create enough interest that prospects actually want to read your message

  2. More than 1 Email - Give a prospect the opportunity to get back to you by sending more than just a single email

  3. Interesting emails - Email messages should be interest peaking and short to encourage the prospect to write back to you

After testing over 720 emails across tens of thousands of prospects, I wanted to share with you the best performing emails. With these emails in hand you won't have to waste another second writing an email to a prospect, you will just have to "copy+paste"!

In the Email Follow Up System I will reveal to you 55 Powerful Email Templates to start using immediately in your email interactions with prospects. You will discover "dirty little secrets" like...:

How much for these powerful and tested email follow up system? How about $67 for a complete email system?

I have put together 55 Powerful Follow Up Email Templates that you can simply copy and paste into your emails and send to your prospects.

These 55 Powerful Follow Up Email Templates can be used on any prospect that you have an email address for.

What's Included?
55 Follow Up Emails - Complete email templates, powerful subjects for both buyer and seller prospects. Simple format to allow you to easily integrate in your personal emails or an autoresponder. (Over 61 pages giving you an email for any situation)
Outsource Real Estate - Complete outsourcing real estate guide and training call to help you discover how you can outsource any aspect of your real estate business (like email). ($67 value - instant download)
Unlock the Power Of Voicemail CD - After sending emails you can follow up with a phone call. Leave messages that compel buyer and seller prospects to call you back. (transcripts of messages available for instant download)
Buyer Objection CD - Even the most eager prospects have objections. Get our best selling buyer objection CD to convert phone calls into appointments in 3 minutes or less. ($49 value)
Buyer Objection CD Transcripts - Complete transcripts of our powerful buyer objection CD allowing you to get started today. (instant download)
Hard system case to keep your system easy to access.


4 Principles of Internet Marketing CD (Over 48 Minutes - instand download)
Daily Success Call Sample CD(over 70 minutes - instand download)
How To Get Your Website To Produce 2 Sales A Month CD - Discover how to get 100's of prospects monthly to send emails to. (over 45 minutes)
30 minute 1 on 1 coaching coupon ($199 value)
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Your success is Guaranteed with any product you invest in from the Real Estate Success Program. Your success is100% Money Back Guarantee extremely important to us. We have invested hundreds of hours and dollars in system research, implementation and marketing strategies to ensure your success.

We have so much faith in our program that we guarantee you 100% satisfaction on your investment... or we will give your money back.

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Any time in the first 30 days you decide that this system is simply not for you, simply ship the product back to us and we will immediately refund your purchase.

To your success in real estate,

Joey and James Bridges

Joey and James Bridges

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