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“Stop Answering Questions, Just Ask Questions And NEVER Get Rejected Again”

It's Not Rude, You Are Just Eliminating the 85% Of People Who Are A Waste Of Time

James Bridges
James Bridges
Shares how to avoid rejection when you
stop answering questions

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Whether you have your phone number on your signs, magazine ads, or your craigslist marketing is generating phone calls you have probably received a request similar to the following:

Prospect: Hey I saw the home you have on 535 Magnolia Ave, what is the price on that?

When you answer the question you are dead in the water, as they simply state:

Prospect: "Thanks"

And then hang up. They don't even give you a chance to provide more information. They want the price and then they don't want to be bothered by you. You hang up the phone and think "Man, they sure were rude".

I invite you to consider a different way of answering the phone. It won't sound like a traditional "buyer script", and yet it will put you in control everytime.

No longer will you be concerned when someone calls you asking for price, you will be in total control and IF you want to, you can even hang up on them.

First, before I share with you scripts that will allow you to stop answering questions, I would like you to review the following questions that you absolutely MUST NOT ask when you are on the phone:

When you ask these questions you are setting yourself up for disaster. The reality is that buyers don't think the home buying process is much more than, how many bedrooms?, how many bathrooms?, and what is the price? When you answer those questions they will no longer want to meet with you!

Before you can interview them, it is important to STOP them from asking questions. I call this a stop statement. When you stop them from answering questions, you will no longer feel rude, you will simply put yourself in control of the situation.

Take for example the following situation:

Prospect: Hey I saw the home you have on 535 Magnolia Ave, what is the price on that?

You: Great, thanks for calling. Let me look that up for you. While I am looking up that price, have you just started looking for a property?

It really is as simple as that. People won't generally complain because right away you are acknowledging that you are going to look up the price for them and now you are in control and you can start asking questions.

Should the prospect get a bit impatient (they could be part of the 85% of prospects that are a waste of time), simply say the following:

You: Wow, I know it's taking a bit to look up the price. We have so many great properties, I just want to make sure to find the exact information of what you were asking about. Anyway...on to question #2.

Don't give in when they get a bit impatient. When you stay in control and ask questions you get to direct the conversation and see if they qualify for your services.

I can't waite to hear the results of your next phone call.

To Your Success,

James Bridges

James Bridges

Real Estate Internet Marketing Coach

P.S. Get more questions to ask with our guide of 231 Questions and continue to NEVER answer a question..