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“Discover How To Get FSBO's Calling You Back And Begging You To List Their Home”

Simple letters prevent you from chasing down the 85% of FSBO's that waste your time

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Whether you have been in real estate for years or are just starting out in the business you have probably been told that FSBO's are one of the best sources of listings each and every year.

One of the reasons that FSBO's are so popular to go after is they are available in every market place. Regardless of market conditions and the economy there are owners out there, under the delusion that they can sell their home for top dollar without the help of a professional.

FSBO's can be a great source for listings for you and your business(as part of your 4 powerful real estate marketing systems), IF, you avoid the mistakes that over 90% of agents make as they start their journey into marketing for FSBO's.

Avoid the Common Mistakes and Have Uncommon Results

Most real estate agents are doomed with their goal of trying to take FSBO's before they even start. You can't work a FSBO like someone in your Farm, because they just won't listen.

Here are the Top 3 FSBO Mistakes to Avoid (there over 15 mistakes to avoid, but these will get you started)

  1. Letter Head - Don't send out letters on your fancy letter head that costs you $2+ dollar per sheet. The prospect doesn't care what company you are with and it just makes you look like everyone else. Save yourself the money and send your letters on plain white paper. Remember, it's about solving the FSBO's problem, not about how big and shiny your logo can be.

  2. Using your cell phone - Whether you are sending out letters or postcards, don't put your cell phone on your marketing material. It doesn't make you look available, it makes you look desperate, and no one wants to work with a desperate real estate agent. Use a tracking number service like ProQuest and you will watch your results improve dramatically.

  3. Visiting in person - Doing a "pop by" is a total waste of time. You won't get any leverage in your real estate business if you are driving around town stopping by to say "hi" and see if they have any questions. The only time you need to go to the property is when you are going to take the listing.

Keeping just these three rules in mind will get you started in the right direction when going out to take FSBO listings.

There is much more to taking FSBO's than just avoiding the 3 steps as you will need to have a plan, have accountability, send the right letters and much more.

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Todd Bates

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