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“An Expired Listing Training System to Take At Least 8 Transactions Monthly”

Have a system to generate a minimum of 2 brand new expired listings each and every week.

Dear Real Estate Professional,

An expired listing system will allow you to take 6, 8, and 10+ expired listings every month. Unlike other forms of marketing in real estate developing an expired listing system is not very expensive. To generate listings monthly an expired listing system must have several key components. 

Consider the following components for any expired listing system.  

Gathering expired listing opportunities  

Unfortunately for many professionals they just don't ever get enough expired listing opportunities to work with to be able to take listings monthly. Just scrolling through your local MLS in your city generally won't give you enough opportunities.   

The first part to gathering enough expired listing options is to have a system that pulls them from the MLS for you so you don't have to look through each home. There are many different systems out there to gather expired listing leads, one that many of our clients use, is RedX. Tools like RedX save you time by only pulling in the listings that are actual expired listings instead of the homes that have already been re-listed.  

Consider expanding the cities in which you operate for expired listings to give you more to work with. When you build an opportunity list of at least 20 expired listings weekly you will be well on your way to taking as many listings as you want. 

Mailing Expired Listing Sellers  

An essential part to getting expired sellers to pick up the phone is sending them mail. This doesn't have to be an item that is off the wall in order for them to open it, in fact the more simple the envelope the better your chances are of getting them to actually open it up.  

Your mailing piece should not include a resume, your sales data, or a list of what you can do for them. Send your expired sellers a simple 1 page letter that identifies the benefits of calling you. To get this benefit out in the shortest period of time your expired listing letter should open up with your marketing message which identifies how you can save them time and money. 

Make sure to include in your sales letter an easy way to contact you that means a simple 1-800 number tracking service so you can track the mailing piece and give them the confidence to call at any time of day.  

Converting Your Expired Listing Leads to Appointments  

As you are making calls to expired sellers and receiving calls from your direct mail turning those leads into appointments is what gets you closer to your goals. An expired listing system should provide you the scripts and objection handling techniques to book the appointment.   There are two moments that you need to extra powerful scripts for when you want to book more appointments. 

The first moment is the very first time they pick up the phone as this is when most sellers try to hang up the phone because they are tired of all of the phone calls. It's important to have the right tone and ask a powerful opening question to get them in the mode to listen.   Once the expired seller is in the mode to listen have a minimum of three interest peaking questions to ask them so they can understand the benefits of meeting with you. Once they understand the benefits of meeting with you, simply make it easy for them to agree to meet with you (like mentioning your easy exit listing agreement and you just need 20 minutes of their time).  

Convert The Listing Appointment Into A Listing  

Taking expired listings monthly means you don't have time for a "presentation". With any expired listing system it is important to have the right interview process when you are at their home to ensure you take the right listings and you turn the others away.  

In order to qualify the seller your expired listing system should include an application where you take the time to interview them.  This should be very complimentary to your pre-listing packet which will allow you cut down your listing appointment times.  As soon as you complete the interview, get them to sign the contract, and leave!  Don't stay for chit-chat as you have already built enough rapport to get the contract signed and that was the goal.

When your expired listing system covers all of the above areas you will be able to take the number of listings you want monthly.  Stick with your schedule, keep mailing, and keep taking listings that will turn into commissions

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Todd Bates

Todd Bates

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