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“Take Expired Listings With Interest Peaking Questions”

You Can't Sound Like Every Other Agent When You Want To Take Expired Listings

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Taking expired seller listings means having the right expired listing marketing, mindset and understanding the needs of the seller. With the right questions and the right process you can take more listings every month.

Remember, expired sellers are getting calls every day! Many an expired owner gets 50 or more phone calls daily. When the owner does pick up (yes you will often get their voicemail) you have just moments to grab their interest and get to the moment where you will get an appointment.

For many a real estate professional they are asking questions that just annoy the expired owner, instead of reaching toward providing a solution. Here are some questions that you should consider removing from your repertoire entirely:

Most questions that real estate professionals ask fail to dig deep enough to what the real problem is the expired seller is having. They wouldn't have listed their home originally if they didn't want to sell, the problem they experienced was that their home didn't sell, so asking questions around that topic is pointless.

When asking questions, your questions should be thought provoking. Questions that can be answered too easily won't get your foot in the door. Before you formulate questions, consider the following tips that your questions should cover.

Quite often you will have to ask 4-6 questions before you will get an appointment. In order to make sure you get the right questions out, consider writing them out and having them next to your phone so every phone call.

To start your question list off in the right direction, here is an interest peaking question that you can ask. 

Do you know the 15 questions that need to be asked to a buyer to ensure they are for real?

The simple answer for the real estate professional is that a loan application takes care of these questions. The longer answer for the expired seller is that you are responsible for reviewing every offer, ensuring the validity and ability of every contract that is submitted.

Your value to the expired seller goes far beyond putting a sign in the ground and when you ask the right questions they will understand that too!

When your expired listing questions are interest peaking questions you will get the seller interested and motivated to want to meet with you. I invite you to discover more about interest peaking questions and how you can take as many expired listings as you want with our FREE course on expired listings.

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Todd Bates
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To your Success,

Todd Bates

Todd Bates

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