"Stop Judging Leads, Take Control, And Book More Appointments Today"

Take Control Of Every Call You Make...In Just 7 Minutes and 22 Seconds You Won't Ever Think About Leads In The Same Way

Don't press play if you are offended by profanity or a different way of thinking about leads.

Dear Real Estate Professional,

The above video may came as a shock, maybe you thought that if you just got the "good" real estate leads that your business would be different.

Sadly too many real estate agents go day after day, and even year after year complaining about leads instead of thinking about their approach.

Sure, Alec Baldwin, may be a bit over the top in his role in Glengary Glen Ross, but he has a point. We invite you to consider the following:

Many real estate offices around the country are crowded with agents who gather by the coffee machine, shuffle papers at their desk, and then complain endlessly about "bad" leads. Unfortunately you won't be able to change the minds of these people and they can bring you down.

When people start complaining, we want you to realize that you can walk away, coffee in hand, because after all..you are a closer!

To Your Success,

Todd Bates

Joey and James Bridges

Todd Bates, Joey and James Bridges

Real Estate Marketing Coaches