Stop Guessing in Your Real Estate Business & Start Succeeding

What is the number #1 thing preventing you from success in your real estate business?

Is it:

  • The number of calls you get every month
  • The number appointments you aren't getting
  • YOU!

The Real Estate Success Program will teach you how to get people calling you and how to:

  • Sign Listing Contracts for 6% or more every time
  • How to get more referrals with little to no effort
  • How to get a FSBO to beg you to take your listing

Don't take our word for it listen to what our customers say:

"I Took 7 Listings In
My First Month!"

"Your program has worked exactly as you said it would. After implementing my first marketing campaign, I took seven listings in my first month. These results are not due to my being in an extraordinary market, or to my being an extraordinary agent. I simply did what you told me to do. That's it. I have you to thank for these results, you to thank for making real estate fun again, and you to thank for giving me back control of my time. -- Cort H.

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“In Just 7 Minutes You Can Add 1 New Eager, Willing, And Able Prospect Coming Into Your Office Daily”

And With Every Additional 7 Minutes You Can Add An Additional Motivated Appointment Will Be Walking Through Your Doors

James and Joseph Bridges
Joseph and James Bridges
After generating over 40,000 real estate leads share
their 7 minute rule for real estate leads

Dear Real Estate Professional,

In 7 minutes what can you do?

Can you go out and preview a property?


Can you write a purchase contract?


Can you do a buying appointment?


None of these tasks can be done in 7 minutes; however, in 7 minutes you can:

Both of these can be done in 7 minutes, in fact, when you actually complete them in 7 minutes you will find that results of all of the real estate marketing that you do will magnify dramatically.

On the internet people can research quickly and go from website to website quickly and easily and if you don't stop them quickly they will go to your computer.

After generating over 40,000 leads online just for our own real estate business we developed the 7 minute rule. The 7 minute rule is simple and when you follow it and apply it to leads you receive from your real estate website you will have as many appointments as you can fit into your calendar.

The 7 minute rule is simply this:

Within 7 minutes of a lead that is delivered to your email, you must pick up the phone, call the prospect and book the appointment.

That's it.

It's not flashy, it isn't filled with exceptions, just when someone makes a request for information get on the phone and help them out by booking an appointment...immediately.. Now what we usually hear when we share this rule is the following:

We understand there are exceptions, but don't make everything an exception. For example if you are out showing property, have your emails forwarded to a partner in your office so they can respond to the leads while you are out. If it's a holiday, maybe shoot them an email instead of calling to let them know you won't be able to speak until the following day.

Bottom line is setting the expectation that you will get back to someone within 7 mimutes will change how you deal with real estate leads that come from your website and other marketing sources. You will establish yourself as the professional who exceeded expectations from the very first moments they started their search.

We can't wait to hear what happens the next time you receive a lead.

To Your Success,

Joseph and James Bridges

Joey and James Bridges

Real Estate Marketing Coaches